iTunes “Spirituality and Religion” Top 10

I’m a Mac guy…I drink the Kool-Aid…I think the Mac/PC commercials are great…I think Macs are far and away better than PC’s…

I will grant that the business world is still a PC world, but beyond that the argument is a mute point in my mind, and even that is about habit not quality.  

That said, I came across something interesting on iTunes “religion and spirituality” top ten podcasts…5 of the top ten were either Oprah or Joel Osteen.  Not until number seven was John Piper…number nine was Ravi Zacharias…number ten was Andy Stanley.  I found the podcast leaders interesting.  Literally hundreds of thousands of people listen to these podcasts for spiritual guidance.

Any thoughts?

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One response to “iTunes “Spirituality and Religion” Top 10

  1. Well, I too use itunes for my ipod but I am not enjoying it because they don’t have any sufi, arabic, indian spiritual songs, neither have any discourse of some mystics of world like Eckhart Tolle, Gurdgieff, Anandmurti Gurumaa, Osho and many more..

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