Clifton Improvements and Pics

Now that The Bridge is in Clifton we are getting to know our community. Some exciting things are happening as different groups are working to improve the neighborhood.  Check out the articles here and here, as well as some pictures of Clifton Heights here.

Also, check out this great site of pics from areas all over Cincinnati (Cincy Images)

Thanks to Building Cincinnati


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One response to “Clifton Improvements and Pics

  1. The city of Cincinnati has no where to go but up assuming they can improve certain things, mainly jobs, public education, and race relations. Although I find Cincinnati not as divided as Chicago in terms of blacks and whites, if you can believe that. Chicago blacks and whites don’t live side by side at all and they are both afraid of each other. I know Cincy had riots a few years back. I think it was mainly in Over-the rhine that neighborhood is crowded as hell– add that to all the homeless and unemployed and you have a riot. Clifton always has UC at least

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