The Evolution of Dad (10 Guideposts)

Notes from our Father’s Day teaching at The Bridge

The Evolution of the TV Dad

Andy Griffeth…Jim Andersen…Ward Cleaver…Charles Ingalls…Howard Cunningham…Archie Bunker…Cliff Huxtable…Homer Simpson…Tim the Tool Man…Ozzy Osbourne…Tony Soprano…Snoop Dog

The Evolution of the Typical Dude

In our teen years we are all Homer Simpson…

In our late teens and college years we either continue as Homer, or “progress” somewhere between Tim Allen, and Tony Soprano (Snoop and Ozzy in between)

We fall in lust, then “love”, get married and somewhere along the way decide to pro-create.  We go through 10 months of doctor visits, weepiness, hormones, morning sickness, and Bradley classes, all the while not being sure what to make of the circumstances in which we find ourselves. In one moment our worldview is rocked by protruding little screaming head with our nose.  It is in that moment we realize…

I am here in my evolution as a dad…

And I have no idea how to get here…

In the belief that God prepares us to carry one of His most treasured titles well, here are ten ways to help your growth as your kids grow up…

#1: You are the “Glory” of your Kids (Proverbs 17:6) Be strength, stability, and consistency in your home and to your children

#2: Be Humble (Prov 29:23) Apologize when you are wrong! Know the difference between power (exertion) and authority (responsibility)

#3: Be Spiritually Consistent (Luke 12:1b) Your spirituality must extend beyond verbal display, Sunday mornings, and times of discipline.

#4: Love Their Mama (Eph 5:25; Col 3:19) You are teaching your boys how to view and treat women, your girls what is acceptable, and your kids how Christ treats His bride

#5: Rightly Order Your Loves (Ex 20:3) Idolatry tends to be generational.  (note OT Kings)

#6: Remember This is Their Life, Not a Second Chance at Yours (Proverbs 22:6) Shoot them at the target of a God glorifying life according to their gifts and talents, (bent) not your hopes and dreams for yourself.  When you over bend an arrow counter to its original bent you break it.

#7: Teach Character, Not Rules (Proverbs 2-7) “Wisdom” is used 12 times, “Knowledge” is used 15 times in Proverbs 2-7. Religion comes from Latin “to bind”.  Train your kids to seek wisdom and truth, not compliance.  Bind them for the sake of compliance and you will miss their heart

#8: Teach Your Kids to Honor Authority (Col 3:16-4:1) You will teach your kids about authority in how you honor authority, how you talk about authority, and how you train them to handle unjust authority.  God does not clarify His command to honor and submit to authority based on its validity or justice. Support teachers, coaches, cops, etc.

#9: Teach Your Kids to Work (Proverbs 6:6, 9; 10:26; 13:4; 20:4; 26:16) Laziness comes naturally.  Work is taught

#10: Teach Your Kids How to Handle Their Money (Matt 6:21, 24) You are teaching them to control their heart and give it to eternal pursuits.



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