Exponential 08: The Gospel (Tim Keller)

Many in the evangelical world do not know what the Gospel is anymore!

The question: Is there one biblical Gospel, or different Gospels for different times?

There is one Gospel with several forms

1Corinthians 1:22-25: The Gospel is a challenge to and a completion of culture

What is the Gospel?

It is a tripod:

1.  In Christ, God emptied self and became a servant (The Upside Down Kingdom-serving gives preeminence; God won by losing)

2.  God made atonement in and through Christ through His life, death, and resurrection (The Inside Out Kingdom; God substitutes my heart)

Repenting of sin is a Pharisee, repenting of righteousness is a Christian

3.  At the end of time Christ will come back and redeem and restore all things (The Backward Forward Kingdom)

Christianity is a fighting kingdom: fighting against sin and its effects

If the Gospel is true…We should not seek tribe growth, but redemption growth, and then reproduce (cell multiplication within a body is called cancer.  We want to grow out)

How is the Gospel Applied?

Expositional preaching addresses all three forms of the Gospel (The Bible will get to you at some point)

Teach each (3) in a go for the jugular way: do not accentuate one over the other




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