Exponential 08: The Methodology of Reproducing Churches (Tim Keller)

Keller is the Senior Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhatten, NY, and is the author of The Reason for God (most recently) 

Revival is what makes a church grow: it is realistic about its deadness

Revival is a balance of being and doing

16 Crucial Factors of Revival (Both controlled and uncontrolled)

Instruments of Revival (controlled)

Recovery of the difference between the Gospel and Religion

Religion: I obey so I am accepted

Christianity: I am accepted so I obey

The default mode of the human heart is self salvation

Extraordinary Corporate Prayer

Prayer is the only given in every revival


1st historic revival used itinerant preaching

2nd historic revival used lay led prayer meetings

“you never get back into Narnia the same way twice” (don’t attempt to reproduce other’s revival, seek it in your own context)

Aspects of Revival (no control)

Nominal church members convert

Stop religion and start accepting Christ as Savior vs. self salvation

Sleeping Christians wake up

Head salvation becomes heart salvation (Function of salvation becomes Christ)

Non-believer come and gather in large numbers

#1-2 Creates a “beautification” of the church.  “slick” programming is not needed to draw the lost when this occurs

Balances of Revival (little control)

Edifying worship: Christians are built up AND non believers are welcomed

Strong emphasis on great teaching/preaching: real and true (can’t be real w/o being clear, can be clear and not be real)

Life changing community: life change occurs as we do life together, not during corporate worship

Evangelism: outward focus; apart from the gospel we will wither be humble and not bold, or bold but not humble

Passion for justice and the poor

Cultural engagement: help people integrate faith and life

Each denomination does well at one of these and blasts the others and their specialties

Revival keeps people from being pietistic

Results of Revival (no control)

There is always a loony fringe (will be pointed out by your enemies)

There is always a backlash

It always results in lots of churches being planted

It always results in social healing



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