Exponential 08: Grow a Church and Have a Life (Larry Osborne)

We missed the first part of this session, but here are the notes I have:

Larry is the Lead Pastor at North Coast Church

Live as a spiritually mature christian, not a pastor

If you live by “who is watching” you will poison your wife and kids.  They will call the difference hypocrisy.

Lose your church before you lose your family

If you are at a stage where you are putting your family on the back burner you are in a very dangerous place

Staff does not create more time, they take time

___________ will not always happen again  with your family.  Take the time to do it now

Set patterns not rules (Don’t let tools be rules)

7 Gifts to Give Your Kids:

Have a Strong Marriage

Have a United Front (NEVER argue in front of your kids.  If you hit a wall get a spiritual arbitrator, not counselor)

Be Spiritually Consistent (Passion can embarrass and then burn out.  Outward exuberance about anything tend to embarrass…be consistent and stable)

Model Respect for Authority (Cynicism is a killer)

Make it about Character

Show Genuine Interest in their World

Pick Your Battles



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