Exponential 08: Creating New Community (Dave Ferguson)

Edward Norton errr…Dave Ferguson is the Lead Pastor of Community Christian Church, writes Velocity blog, authored The Big Idea, and is the president of New Thing Network

When Oklahoma was first settled it was a land free for all.  If you got to, and claimed it you owned one square mile around your location.  (think Far and Away) As people settled they built their homes in the center of their property, placing themselves far from any neighbors.  As time progressed they struggled to survive and many died from disease and simple struggles faced when living in isolation.  It was not until they began to move to the corners of their property that towns were formed and the population flourished…We were created to live in community.

Genuine community is founded on: Loving God, Loving God’s People, and Loving God’s World 

To be a community creator you must…

Experience it

Permit it





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