Exponential 08: Mark Batterson (5 Challenges Leaders Face)

Mark is the lead pastor of National Community Church, writes Evotional blog , and is the author of two books: In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day, and Wild Goose Chase

5 Challenges Church Leaders Face

The Emotional Challenge

My emotional health will dictate the health of my church

Fear, Discouragement, and Jealousy are the three most common emotions:

Comparing yourself is never healthy because you will always find someone better than you and covet, or worse than you and become prideful.

The cure for the fear of failure is failure in small enough doses (someday they will be funny)

Enjoy your church when it is 25 people or you won’t when it is 1000 people

The Family Challenge

Create margins

Conflicts between family and ministry is a no brainer…family wins

Spouses lend you your staff…pay them back

Make family resolutions and stick to them

Your primary disciples are your wife and kids

The Criticism Challenge

You will not please everyone, so offend the right people

Stay humble, never be beyond rebuke

Don’t play defensive

Consider the source

Don’t let the arrow of criticism pierce your heart until it has passed through scipture

The Staffing Challenge

Who you do ministry with will determine how much you enjoy it

Criteria #1: have a sense of humor

Begin every meeting by sharing wins

If you need to fire, fire.  don’t let anyone compromise the team

You get paid for the hard decision, not the things you enjoy doing

The Spiritual Challenge

Be in your Bible (not just to teach)

Be a reader

Find a mentor

Don’t care about church growth, care about personal growth


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