Exponential 08: Creating a Missional Movement (Alan Hirsch)

Alan is the author of The Shaping of Things to Come, and The Forgotten Ways, writes The Forgotten Ways and A Taste for the Other blogs, and is closely affiliated with Shapevine 

Creating a Missional Movement:

Organizations by nature force us to conform.  In order to become a movement, and not an organization we need to…

1.  Recover the Centrality of Jesus in His Own Movement

Christology lies at the heart of renewal in the church

We must radicalize in order to missionalize (get back to our roots)

We must start with Chritology is our Missiology and Ecclesiolgy are to be accurate

Christianity without Christ is religion

Religion is an attempt to mediate and experience with God

“God made us in His image and we returned the favor” -Voltaire

You know Jesus is like you when He hates who you hate

We use the gospels to entertain children, and Paul to teach the adults.  Why do we not see the Gospels as the serious revolution it is?

2.  Recover Discipleship as Our Core Task

We are to be becoming “little Jesus” in embodiment and transmission

Movements only grow in proportion to their ability to make disciples

Leadership is an extension of discipleship

Consumerism is killing us from within

BE INTENTIONAL about disciple making or it will not happen

3. Recover the Ethos/Structure of Apostolic Movements

What we need are missionally responsive, culturally adaptive, organizationally agile, multiplication movements

We need to mobilize the people of God: every believer a church planter, every church a church planting community (put it into your DNA)

We need to be reproducing and reproducible (simplicity is the key)

We need to be structurally networked (avoid centralization of power and function)

4.  Recover an Incarnational/Missional Impulse

Missional God>Missional Church (Go Out)

Incarnational God/Incarnational Church (Go Deep)



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