Exponential 08: Building Great Leaders (Darrin Patrick)

Darrin is the Lead Pastor of The Journey and Vice President of Acts 29

Timothy was a church planter, and 1 and 2 Timothy can be used a church planting manuals

Self Leadership:

Cultivate a deep gospel identity (understanding your own deep depravity)

Repent of sin, and bask in acceptance and forgiveness (daily responsibility)

Be a hard worker.  You are setting the pace for the future now

Watch for wolves: most come from the core group, which means they are already in your church

Don’t be moved by gifting.  Don’t give people titles too soon

Don’t give in to age insecurity. When you do your discernment will drop

Don’t react to pressure.  You will get scared when you get hurt. When you are scared you will get desperate.  

Don’t mistake scaffolding for structure (people who are temorary and people who are permenant)

Don’t let your worship leader design and develop your worship

Wrestle with:

change vs. stability

solitude vs. people

shepherding vs. leadership




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