Exponential 08: Attractional AND Missional

I am way behind on getting these posted, but plan on putting up the notes from every session I was in.

Quotes from the Attractional AND Missional Panel with Neil Cole, Alan Hirsch, Darrin Patrick, and Greg Hawkins…

We need to replace the word evangelism with pre and post conversion discipleship (Alan)

The American church as elevated knowledge beyond obedience.  You haven’t truly learned what you haven’t been willing to pass on (Neil)

The best critique of the bad is the practice of the better (Alan)

Jesus is attractive in a very offensive way, and offensive in a very attractive way (Darrin)

The best leaders are disposable (Neil)

Your people will imitate who you are, not what you say.  Deal with your character instead of getting mad at yourself in your church. (Darrin)

Church planters…you are always planting, always think multiplication not addition, and launch your church over and over (Darrin)

The overtly attractional church invites people to come and stay…we are commanded to go (Alan)

Sunday is a huddle…people don’t pay to see the huddle; they pay to see the game.  The game is incarnational mission (Alan)

We need to communicate decentralization (mission) through our budget…at 50/50 split between ministry money and mission money is a fair criterion to be called missional (Alan)

Find brokenness in your community and address it (Darrin)

If you are a teacher, get a teaching team so people don’t learn to depend on you solely (Darrin)

God has a fresh meal for you, don’t teach leftovers (Darrin)

Change and mission starts with the poor and broken (Darrin)


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  1. Thanks for posting these quotes. Is there any way that you could indicate who said which statement?

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