Exponential 08: Andy Stanley on Apostolic Vision

Vision comes from burden: the problem is that what is clear in your mind might not be clear enough beyond your mind for people to follow. 

Make Vision Stick

1.     State it Simply

-Your knowledge of your vision is an obstacle…it is clear to you but complex to others

-Generational reproduction requires greater simplicity

-There is no advantage to a complex vision that no one knows or remembers

-Your vision statement needs to be short to be remembered

-Your vision statement does not need to be self-defining…it needs to be memorable

-Examples: ONE-to make poverty history.  Barack Obama’s campaign-CHANGE

2.     Cast it Convincingly

-Biblical example: Nehemiah 2

-Define the Problem: without this no one cares

-Offer a Solution: what must be done, or what will go undone if we do not do it?

-Explain why and why now: This is a long discussion and is where passion comes from

3.     Repeat it Regularly

-You cannot say your vision to much

-Look at the rhythm’s in your community that provide optimal time to speak vision to people (I.E. Autumn or a New Year)


4.     Celebrate it Systematically

-You are painting mental pictures (hard to see)

-Publicly share stories of wins

-Stories do more to clarify vision than anything…don’t miss the opportunity

5.     Embrace it Personally and Publicly

-Don’t leverage people…invite them into your vision by showing them you believe in it (join a life group, be a disciple, etc.)


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