Exponential Conference 08′

I am at the National New Church Conference in Orlando Flordia this week.  Today I am in the pre-conference track, and I decided to attend Attractional AND Incarnational Church Planting with 

Neil Cole

Greg Hawkins

Alan Hirsch

Darrin Patrick

moderated by…

Sally Morgenthaler and Joe Myers

I have really been looking forward to this track, but it has been a frustrating set of sessions.  We have spent the first two sessions dancing around the issues presented by the two set of perceived options.  At one point a man stood up and said he was mad he came a day early because the speakers were talking without the authority they seemed to write with.  Darrin Patrick responsed by saying “the reason everyone is pissed right now and wanting us to fight, and I hope we do fight, I came ready to fight, is because this is messy and the lines get blurred when you get out and do it.”

It was interesting to have four men, two on either side, who have adamently claimed their version of church and yet God seems to be using all of them.  Not alot more clarity other than that God doesn’t seemed concerned with how we serve Him as long as our heart is to serve Him.

What do you think?  

Is part of the brokeness of the western church the program driven, “come to us” version of christianity? 

What does it mean to be incarnational?  

Can the two co-exist, and is either wrong or right?

More to come as the week goes on

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One response to “Exponential Conference 08′

  1. douggamble

    Totally with you. I was in there today as well and thought if only Sally would have let them each talk for like 20 min and talk about their main thing and then each could respond to that we would have got a lot more “clashing of ideas” and hopefully came out on the other side with something good. Maybe the restructuring tomorrow will help. Each of them really does have something significant to say.

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