The Pennsylvania Democratic Debate

I watched a good amount of the democratic debate last night…Can I just say I am already tired of the election?  I still do not have a candidate, and although I tried to maintain an open mind last night little occurred to change my point of view.  

I felt like Obama tried to answer the questions that were asked of him, while Hilary, on most occasions had to be asked more than once to answer the question she had originally been asked instead of using her time to crack Bush or talk about how great things were when her husband was president.

I felt like the low point of the night came on a great question…Charlie Gibson reminded Clinton of a statement she had made about learning from past presidents.  He asked her what she could learn from “W”. (Fascinating question!)  She laughed and said she would have to give that some serious thought, and then came up with this genius answer: “I think it was a good idea when the president asked his father and my husband to represent our country in the wake of the tsunami.  I think it sent a good message.” (Paraphrased quote)

Obama said he would be more apt to talk to G.H Bush than “W”, and felt like the elder Bush had great foreign policy, while “W” has done a lot to create a divide between the democrats and republicans.

I was stunned.  Not because of any affinity I have for “W”, but because both candidates could not think of one thing they could admit they had learned, not one.  All Hilary could come up with was more “hey remember how great my husband is” answers.  Obama talked about creating divide in parties while completely missing the opportunity to bridge some divide by showing respect and humility in admitting there were things he could learn from “W”.  Again, this is not at all about our president.  He is not the point.  It is about the candidate’s inability, or lack of desire to admit ONE redeeming fact about OUR current president. It came off incredibly pompous to me.

It also reminded me of a verse in Proverbs 21:12…the righteous man wisely considers the house of the wicked.  God tells us that it is wise to consider and learn from the lives of those around us, even the wicked.  We could even say that we are able to become more righteous by diligently observing and learning from those who do not desire righteousness.  It isn’t funny or safe to appear as though we could not learn from someone…it is foolish.  What a great question Charlie Gibson asked…what a great opportunity for the candidates…and what revealing answers.  

If I were to pick someone you had severe disagreement with, and ask you what you could learn from them what would you say?  Your answer would say little about them, and a lot about you.



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