-One of the conferences I would love to go to someday is Q.  This year it is the capital of the world…no not Cincinnati…New York City.  The next best thing to being there is reading the notes of bloggers attending.  Check out some posts from Scott Hodge.

-VERY late I know, but I started a Facebook page…stuff is like crack!  I am obsessed with getting friends.  My wife and I have been having a competition…I am smoking her.  Look me up, and help me beat my wife! (Tim Dunn-Cincinnati Network)

-We started a Bridge Page.  Keep up with our community in one place.  You can find the link on my profile  

-The captain is hurt.  Not good

-Starbucks changed their cups, their ridiculous prices stayed the same

-Some blogs I am following

Culture Makers

Collide Magazine

History in the Making

Joel Rosenburg

Web Urbanist

Stuff White People Like

Planting Space


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