I completely missed it…God and the Presidential Election

A couple of weeks ago I sent an email to the guys at plantingspace.com who had come up with the idea to have a blogging tournament, March Madness style.  I liked the idea, and sent Pat an email to enter the tounament as what I assumed would be a sixteen seed.  In the meantime my basement flooded, and I was on bare minimum web activity.  I didn’t hear anything back, so I assumed the space had been filled and I didn’t worry about it.  Today I got on their website to see how the bloggers were fairing, and what do I see…Tim Dunn was blogging in the tourney, didn’t submit an entry, and the voting ended this past Sunday!  Unbelievable.

Anyways, I thought I would submit my entry on Bridge Blog according to the opening topic.  Here it is:

Does the Presidential Election Matter?

God tells us many things about government throughout the Bible.  He says He turns the heart of kings in Proverbs.  He calls us to pray for those in governmental authority in 1Timothy.  In addition, He gives us insight to the demonic and geographic authority structure in Daniel. We need not think that political affiliation is important. God is not political, and our political parties lay no claim to God.  God is sovereign. He is not concerned that His purposes and plan will be overtaken by the next president of the United States.  God is also aware of the influence and course set by the free will of world leaders.  Our present freedoms may cause us to be indifferent to the clear spiritual implications of government laid out in God’s word. We may not think elections are important, but God thinks they important enough to pray for, and spiritual powers think they important enough to yield influence over.  Let God’s people pray His kingdom’s influence come to pass through the lives of its leaders, let them be aware of God’s plan for their leaders lives, and let us hope His plan comes to pass in them, and in our countries.  


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