The 8 Marks of a Robust Gospel

This article was in the Christian Vision Project‘s newsletter for this month.  Some of the questions posed are a reality for any looking at our world, and the use of the Gospel in it. Here is a portion to get you started: 

“I sometimes worry we have settled for a little gospel, a miniaturized version that cannot address the robust problems of our world. But as close to us as the pages of a nearby Bible, we can find the Bible’s robust gospel, a gospel that is much bigger than many of us have dared to believe”

The Gospel is…
1. The Gospel is a story
2. The robust gospel places transactions in the context of persons
3. The robust gospel deals with robust problems
4. A robust gospel has a grand vision
5. A robust gospel includes the life of Jesus as well as His resurrection, and the gift of the Spirit along side Good Friday
6. A robust gospel demands not only faith but everything
7. A robust gospel includes the robust Spirit of God
8. A robust gospel emerges from and leads others to the church

Read the entire article here


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