Angels: Part 2

Although God did not see fit to clearly explain how angels organize or what type of hierarchy they fall into we do see different types of “angels”, different purposes for angels, and different levels of authority within the angelic community.  The explanation of these facts are not overtly biblical.  The phrases we use to explain these realities are simply words we use to try to explain and understand angels within the information God saw fit to give us.  

God sees fit to let us know that angels exist in a system that is hierarchical and governmental.  The basis of their created status is according to their proximity from God throne.  This sytem is generally referred to a the “angelic choir” and exists in three spheres:

Sphere One (Highest): Heavenly Guardians of God’s Throne (Isaiah 6; Ezekiel 1, 10; Revelation 4-5) 

The two most famous heavenly guardians of God’s throne are…

1. Seraphim-meaning “burning ones” are positioned above the throne of God, and are the consummate worshippers of God, singing “Holy, Holy, Holy”. Seraphim have six wings, two covering their face, two covering their feet, and two with which they fly. Most think their other form was predominately “human” with the addition of wings. In Hebrew seraph means “fiery serpent” giving an indication of the form Lucifer, then Satan, may have taken in the garden while tempting Eve (Isaiah 6)

2. Cherubim-first appearing as guardians of the tree of life, (Gen 3:24) and then in the same position on the ark of the covenant, (Ex 25:10-22) the cherubim are protectors of the holiness of God. The Bible gives specific visions of them in the context of the throne of God. Each one has four faces, (an ox, a lion, an eagle, and a man) and four wings, (two covering their body and two extended, touching one on either side) with the feet of a calf, and the hands of a man. They are the bearers of the throne of God. With bodies like fire, and movement like the flash of lightning, on “wheels” the color of beryl, (blue/green or gold) like burning fire, full of eyes, they move according to the Spirit of God. (Ezekiel 1; 10 Revelation 4; Daniel 7:9)

Sphere Two: Heavenly Governors (thrones and dominions/principalities and powers)

Sphere Three: Heavenly messesngers and soldiers (archangels and angels)
Michael is the most famous archangel. He is the general of the heavenly host, (Rev 12:7) and has a special connection to teh nation of Israel, being referred to as the “prince” that stand up for God’s people in Daniel 12:1

Angels generally exist within three categories:

They are worshippers (Heb 1:6; Rev 5:11)

They are warriors (2Kings 19:35; Rev 12:7; Dan 10:13)

They are messengers (Lk 1:30-31)


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