Angels: Part 1

From a recent teaching at The Bridge

The Bible gives us a limited explanation of angels. Angels are mentioned in 34 of the 66 books of the Bible, totaling 273 references, including Christ’s teaching of their existence. (Mt 8:10, 24:31) Angels are not spirits of humans who have passed away, but are beings created in eternity past, perhaps through the present. (Job 38:6-7; Ps 148:2, 5) Being created, they are not eternal, although once created they do not cease to exist. (Lk 20:36) Angels do not possess the ability to pro-create, and are referred to as sons of God, with no references to son of men, or sons of angels being present in biblical text when refering to these beings. (Mt 22:30) Angels were created higher than man, (Heb 2:7) possessing greater power an knowledge than any in the human race, but not possessing all power or knowledge as their Creator, God. Angels were created holy, with personalities, emotions, and wills that are free. (Ezekiel 28:15; Rev 12:3-4) They exist as spirits, but biblical text exhibits their power to change into various forms including human.


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