Congress and Spygate

With the Super Bowl looming, (in other words: with the Pats destroying the Giants looming) for some unknown reason Senator Arlan Specter has decided to investigate why the NFL destroyed the tapes that showed what New England had video taped. (described in this article)

WHY IN THE WORLD is the government looking into the NFL? Don’t you have better things to do as an elected official for the state of Pennsylvania than to investigate football months after the actual incident? Does anyone think it is ridiculous to turn on the TV and see guys who hits or throws a baseball sitting in front of a congressional panel while our country is at war, fearing recession, dealing with immigration, healthcare, and terrorism? Shouldn’t any of these problems be enough to fill a Senator’s day and keep him from  wasting our time and tax paying money by using it on whether or not a football team cheated?

Thing is, I am not a Pats fan, I don’t care what happens to them. But please stop with the congressional involvement in baseball, and football…IT IS A SPORT people! Focus on what we pay you to do. Represent the interests that effect the lives of the people you represent, and stop showing up on TV talking to Mark McGwire, Curt Schilling or Jose Canseco. Spend your time talking with single moms who are struggling to get by. Talk to the families who have lost jobs. Talk to the men and women serving our country overseas. Shake yourself and start spending time with and for the people who put you in office.


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