Pop Goes the Church


Just finished Tim Stevens’ new book, Pop Goes the Church.  Really enjoyed it!  

I found the book to be:

-Incredibly well researched and thought out
-Used outside resouces to make or build points very well
-Gave alot of his personal story and perspectives
-Frank, and honest, in regard to the state of the church, our culture’s perpective on it, and reasons for both
-One of the more comprehensive books I have read on the discussion of culture, and the relevant usage of it in the church
-Gave large amounts of helpful resources
-Noted churches of all different shapes and sizes
-Probably my most appreciated: although very frank and direct, I found his humility to be the most refreshing aspect of the book.  His clarification and side notes allowed him to make strong points while admitting some of the possible shortcomings, or misconceptions of his statements. 

Overall:  One of the stronger books I have read on relevance and use of culture to reach culture.  I am certain he will get killed by some of our brothers and sisters who try to sniff “compromise” at every turn, but I felt the book was a personal, authentic, and direct speaking of the culture we find oursleves in, and some ideas in reaching it more effectively.  Would absolutely recommend to anyone interested in the topic.  



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