I had a scare yesterday…

Several years ago a man who played a huge part in my life suffered a brain aneurism. They said he was driving home from his church office, and suffered “the worst headache he had ever had”. He drove himself to the hospital on Friday, and on Monday he was gone.

This weekend my wife began to experience what she descibed as the “worst headache she had ever had”. We took her to the doc, who ruled out everything but a migraine, and an aneurism. That night Ash started vomiting. We called the doc in the morning, and were intsctructed to take her to the emergency room. I can’t even begin to tell you what was going through my mind.

We took her to the ER, and after dropping on the list behind two gunshot victims, a stabbing, and a car wreck, (3 hours in the waiting area) we finally got in to see the doc. After doing some tests and scans, everything came back normal, and they decided to send her home with the diagnosis of a migraine, and some painkillers.

I am not normally the type to freak out, but the intersection of memories, and phrases, and what I could see my wife going through was a difficult ordeal. It was amazing to feel the prayers of those who knew about our circumstance. The difference between my thoughts when no one knew, and my thoughts when people were praying was an amazing contrast.My wife is home, in our bed, asleep. right where she belongs…Thank God


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