Become a Better You Book Review


Joel Osteen’s 2nd book “Become a Better You” has now been out for a bit, after his first book “Your Best Life Now” spent two years on the New York Times Bestseller List.  Chris Lehman from Slate wrote a review of the book that you can read here

Just an observation: We started with my best life, now are at a better me. Outside of the incredibly ego-centric theology, don’t we seem to be regressing? Next…”The Average Marriage”, “The So-So Finances”, and then “The Just Plain Mediocre Parenting Book”.



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2 responses to “Become a Better You Book Review

  1. Jon King

    Ha! that sucker….but hey they have a nice building and thats what matters:)

  2. Well, I can’t speak too much against the man, because I don’t know him and never have been to his church.

    I can see your point on the topic of the book, but that slate article is about as worthless as the site itself.

    Did you read the book? Just curious, I actually have no intention to myself.

    Hope everything is well!

    Mark aka Churchie. (I’ve commented here before)

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