Ask Anything in Clifton

A few weeks ago I posted about The Bridge’s move to Clifton and the first series we were going to be doing upon arrival. After a couple months of accepting questions we now have our top ten questions as voted upon by those who call The Bridge home.

BONUS WEEK: How involved is God in my daily life? How much is cause and effect?
WEEK 10: Church Leadership: What about Women?
WEEK 9: How can I communicate with God? How does God communicate with me?
WEEK 8: God and Glory: What is it, How Do We Give It, and What is the Point?
WEEK 7: God and Creation: Are Evolution and Christianity Compatible?
WEEK 6: When I Read My Bible: Words or Ideas? Literal or Figurative?
WEEK 5: God and War: Should Christians Be Pacifists?
WEEK 4: God and The Church: The Place and Relevance of the Church today
WEEK 3: Homosexuality and Marriage: What Does God Really Say?
WEEK 2: The Character of God: Good People, Bad Things, Sincerity, and Hell
WEEK 1: Can I Trust the Historical Accuracy of the Bible?

Each teaching will be posted here. Hope you will join our journey.


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