What is it that we are tolerating?

What a man puts his faith in will often determine his values, whether atheism, humanism, protestantism, fundamentalism, evangelicalism, catholicism, or in this case, mormonism. Rarely, if ever, will a man values be completly unconnected to his faith

Think about it…when a man claims a faith, but his values do not reflect that faith, we do not applaud his tolerance, we call him a hypocrite.

Maybe you missed Mitt Romney’s speech on Faith in America yesterday. I have to admit, I agreed with alot of what he said, and thought he did a masterful job communicating his ideas.

I still not sure who who I believe should be the next president of the United States, I am getting close though. I have said that I think it is wrong for a church to endorse a political candidate, but I think it is also wrong for a christian to be oblivious to the political process.

Tolerance is different than ignorance. I wonder how many have any idea what a Mormon would typically believe. Don’t make the mistake of thinking a man’s values are exempt from his faith, and don’t think you are tolerant simply because you have not done your homework. Here, and here are some links to get you started and give you an overview of the Mormon faith.

Also, click here for a great tool to help you find a candidate who believes and will respresent what you stand for.


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