I’m feeling man love

Last year I was in NYC, while talking with a friend of mine about the churches in the city he said that the best preacher he had ever heard had a church with several locations in the Manhattan. Knowing he had heard alot of preachers I thought he might be joking, but he re-iterated, the best preacher he had ever heard was a guy named Tim Keller who pastored Redeemer Presbyterian Church. I Googled Keller at his recommendation, and have been hooked ever since. I recently wish listed the book Keller (“The Reason for God”)was coming out in February, with intentions of picking it up ASAP.

Here is the man love part: I recently met and have been hangin with a guy named Jake Scott who just took the youth pastor’s job at a church on the westside of Cincy. Smooth guy who loves God, and has a great gift for vision in the church. Ashley and I recently attended one of their gatherings…he and his wife Kristen are doing a great job.

A couple of weeks ago, in a conversation of who was speaking into our lives I mentioned I was a Keller fan. Tonight we hung out, and Jake pulls out a pre-release of Keller’s book! His brother works in a book store, and he had scored the book three months before it comes out. Dude is feeding my addiction, and I am feeling all warm and fuzzy toward him.

Will let you know how the book goes in a couple weeks



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2 responses to “I’m feeling man love

  1. urbabe

    Am I supposed to be jealous?

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