The Last/Lord’s Supper

Every year since I have been at The Bridge we have chosen to celebrate the Lord’s Supper on Thanksgiving Weekend. It seems to obvious to us to take the time to celebrate the holiday by remembering the greatest gift ever given…the body and blood of our Savior

In Luke 22:1-20 we see the last time the disciples and Christ celebrate Passover/Feast of Unleavened Bread together. Jesus tells Peter and John to go prepare for passover in a room that had been furnished for them. Their meal would have revolved around four cups of wine and the tradition that went with each. The four cups were connected to four statements God makes to Israel in Exodus 6:6-7…

1. I will bring you out…
2. I will rid you of their bondage…
3. I will redeem you…
4. I will take you to me

Each was in the context of God’s plan to remove Israel from slavery to Egypt, making them His people, through whom Messiah would come. Can you imagine sitting and listening to Jesus teach and talk through those cups?! What is amazing about the story, is that Luke writes the text in such a way that we understand Christ to immediately begin to talk about His suffering being initiated by the betrayal of someone in the room. Can you imagine finishing Passover with the Lamb of God by wondering if it would be your specific betrayal of Him that would lead to His suffering and ultimate departure?

Fast forward 2000 years: what was the Last Supper is now the Lord’s Supper/Communion/Eucharist. The idea is the same as the experience the disciples would have had with Jesus in the upper room during the Last Supper. The difference is that what was prophetic is now the completed work of God!When we celebrate communion we are thanking God that…

1. He has brought us out…
2. He has rid us of bondage…
3. He has redeemed us…
4. He has taken us to Himself

Each time we celebrate, we have to answer the sobering question the disciples were faced with at the conclusion of the Last Supper: “Is it my betrayal that will lead to the Lord’s suffering?” The answer for every man in that room was as emphatic as it is for you and I. YES! MY BETRAYAL LED TO MY LORD”S SUFFERING! I AM AS GUILTY AS JUDAS WHO SOLD HIM FOR THE PRICE OF A COMMON SLAVE! Communion is a remembrance of my wickedness and betrayal being violently intersected by the grace of God! God calls us to remember this fact on a regular basis through the ordinance of Communion. Let us never get far from our own wickedness that required God to pay our ransom with His own blood. For this we will eternally give thanks.


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