Love Letter to The Bride


I don’t know how many of you saw “Message in a Bottle” when it came in 1999…
your wives probably saw it, but I don’t know about you husbands.

The story is of a man whose wife has passed away, and with her passing the bottom has fallen out of this man’s life. As a way to cope and communicate to her, he begins writing letters, putting them in a bottle, and “sending” them to her via ocean current. Inevitably, the bottles make their way to a shore in another location, only to be found by another woman, who upon reading them begins to fall in love with their author…

In John 14 we see a very similar idea occuring. Jesus is talking to his disciples, comforting them about the events occuring in their lives that are rocking their world, and He starts talking to them in terms of an engagment. Jesus starts using language like…”I am going to prepare a place for you”, and “where I am, there you can be”, all pointing toward the cultural Jewish traditions of “dating”.

In fact what is occuring, is Jesus is speaking to the disciples in truths that will apply to His bride, the church. Don’t get me wrong, I am not comparing Kevin Costner to Jesus…but Jesus is doing what Costner did in the movie. (or perhaps more accurately, Costner did what Jesus had done in John 14) Speaking/Writing to a group of people who would become someone entirely different after the resurrection. His “letter” now, would be directly applicable to them when it floated on their “shore” after He had ascended, and they were neck deep in the church @ Jerusalem.

The text is a fascinating look at the heart of our God, our Savior, and who the Bible calls, our Husband

If you are interested in checking out the teaching, click here

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