Number One? Best of all time? Greediest of all time?


I have to admit…as big of a Buckeye fan as I am I have been skeptical. The Bucks have a number one type defense, but I have been skeptical of the offense. My fear has been that we would get into the national champioship and get smoked AGAIN. I might believe a little bit more after seeing the Bucks go into Happy Valley and blast Penn State. We will have to wait and see.


Brett Favre is amazing. Dude is thirty-eight, and slingin it like he is twenty eight! What an amazing game last night. Would love to see the Pack put a dent in the Cowboys. By the way, Tony Romo is the next Brett Favre? Tony Romo?


And this my friends is why I cannot take A-Rod. Obviously talent does not make you a winner. How can you come to NYC claiming that winning is the most important thing to you, take your quarter of a BILLION dollar pay check, be absolutely horrible in October, and then bounce at your first chance in order to make MORE MONEY!?!?

As much as I hated to see the Red Sox win the series, how can you not think that annoucing your free agency during the fourth game of the world series is not going to show how big your ego is?


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