Coming to Clifton, Asking for Questions

As The Bridge makes its move into the Clifton community we have decided to move away frpm our normal style of teaching for a little while. We generally make our way through books of the Bible, trying to exposit the truths that are sequentially found. Although this isn’t the only way we teach, God has proven to faithfully bring text at the absolutely perfect time as we move through books.

Our first series in Clifton is going to be chosen by our church community and by any who may come in contact with us through the podcast, the blog, or the website. We are asking people to give us any questions they may have on any topic. Nothing will be off limits. We will take all of questions, taking a pre-determined quantity, (probably ten) and teach through each based on the repetition of questions and our community’s vote.

So far the response has been great. Here are some of the questions that have come in…

1. Could you do an overview teaching of Revelations?
2. Explain the origin and history of man, how have each brought us to our present state
3. Explain the “mysteries”
4. Can someone lose their salvation?
5. Which version of the Bible should I use?
6. What are the Biblical responsibilities of a husband/wife?
7. Do “apostles” exist in the church today?
8. Explain biblical submission to authority
9. How do the rebellious actions of an adult child affect their parent’s relationship with God, and service opportunity in the church?
10. What does the Bible have to say about the sanctity of marriage? How does this affect the issue of homosexuality? Is it even necessary for people to officially marry?

If you have any thoughts or questions you would like us to tackle put them up in comments to this post. Each teaching will be posted on our podcast. I would love to start some discourse with anyone who is willing


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