Innovate 2007: Troy Gramling


Troy was the other speaker during the “Leading Change” session. (along with Scott Hodge) Troy pastors Flamingo Road Church in Cooper City, Florida, is the guy, and has a blog you can see here. Great session, here are the notes:

What Does an Innovative Person Look Like?

Innovation is about your Ears
-Listening to everyone will result in anger/bitterness/guilt…guard your ears
-The people you do not listen to will get angry at you
-Listen to those who:
1. Believe in you
2. Love you
3. Have more wisdom than you
-If you don’t limit who you listen to, you will try to hear everyone, and in turn listen to no one

Innovation is about your Eyes
-Traditional: Broaden your perspective and lessen your influence
-Innovative: Focus your perspective and expand your influence
-Focus on protecting the vision
-Focus on production
-Focus on pushing out value

Innovation is about your Hands
-Traditional: Use your hands for today
-Innovative: Execute for tomorrow
-Today’s success is about yesterday’s execution
-Train your leaders to understand it is not about the task…but the heart and execution
-Ministry is to build people…not people to build ministry

Innovation is about your Feet
-Traditional: The next step for your people needs to be big
-Innovation: The next step needs to be small
-Leverage an experience (Sunday gathering) to prompt the next step

Innovation is about your Mind
-Traditional: It is about the Methods
-Innovative: It is about the Man
-God chose you and your vision/gifts/abilities to be where you are

If you would like to view the full session click here


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