Innovate 2007: Scott Hodge


Scoot was one of the guys I was really looking forward to hearing at Innovate. He pastors what was once an eighty year old, dying church in Illinois, that has become a thriving, missional community. His session didn’t disappoint. God really used him to encourage me.

Scott was one of two speakers on “Leading Change”. Here is his blog. Here are some of his notes:

-When change is needed, move forward with a ” I have nothing to lose” attitude

-Begin the change by doing something very different…asking questions.

-Sometimes you will begin pursuing what you do not want to be, before you can pursue what you want to be

-You cannot change a culture and take everyone with you. You will need to choose between what needs to be done, and being popular.

-Be willing to die for the cause! (Scott told us about a conversation he had with his father who pastored the church and was a catalyst for change in it. During the time of transition his dad pulled him aside, talking about his excitement for what God was doing and his heart toward it)

-Luke 5:38 (Old and New Wineskins)
*You cannot embrace new while holding to the old
*The new will cost you dearly
*The old is free, you already have it…but it won’t hold new wine!

-Two essentials for change:
1. Listen for and to the voice of God
2. Courageously obey what God says

-Remember: God put you where you are for a reason: You can do it!

If interested, check out the entire session here. Would really encourage you to take the time if you find yourself in a season where change is needed and you need the encouragement to make the difficult decisions.


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