Innovate 2007: Rob Wegner


Making Your Message Sticky

-Multiple messages create a canceling effect
-Simplicity is about choosing
-Everytime you are with with folks you possess a piece of duct tape: it is about finding the irreducable minimum
-All scripture is equally inspired, but not all scripture is equally important

Upping your Stickiness:
1. Is it Unexpected
-Something that is unexpected in a way that drives the point home

2. Create a Curiosity Gap
-Create the gap between what is known, and what you want them to know

3. Is it Concrete?
-Depth (How functional is it?)
-Create testible credentials

4. Is it Story Driven?
-Shift from Illustration to Animation (Used to be able to draw the moral from the story…but now you need to draw the story from the moral)
-Stories are flight simulators for the brain
-Layer stories (used to be point then story…now story to story to story)

5. Are You Sprit Dependent?

Here is Rob’s blog
Here is the full session


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