The Yankees and Zero


I am sitting here watching the Indians and Yankees in the bottom of the eleventh inning. Love the Yankees. I know that means I don’t love God to some of you…but I am a Yankees fan none the less

I have posted in the past that A-Rod could never be referred to as O-Rod. He is great in April and August, (A-Rod) but watching him in October (O-Rod) would make Mother Teresa cuss.

Here are some similarities with the number 0, the Yankees, and Alex Rodriguez

7-The number of zero’s in A-Rod’s quarter of a BILLION dollar salary

0-the number of hits A-Rod has in the divisional playoffs (AGAIN!)

0-the number of wins to this point for the Yankees

No man is worth one quarter of a BILLION dollars. But if anyone is crazy enough to pay another human being that kind of money to hit leather and string…HE HAD BETTER DO IT IN OCTOBER!

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