Managing Transitions


Started reading “Managing Transitions” by William Bridges this week. I found out about the book on recomendation of Scott Hodge at Innovate. (Granger Community Church)

I thought I would put the high points, to either spike your interest, or give you some of the tips I am getting to help through transitions.

Any change has three phases:
1. Ending, Losing, Letting Go
2. Neutral Zone
3. New Beginning

Transitions start with an ending
-If you don’t let go, you can’t move forward

Transitions put people in the neutral zone
-A psychological no man’s land between the old and new identity

Three common reactions to the neutral zone
-An attempt to by pass and go directly to the new beginning
-Fear that results in abandonment
-Failing to see the opportunity for creativity, change, and renewal

Transitions are about people, not organizations
-People and their mindsets are what need to be managed
-Without leading people through their questions, and mindsets, the transition will fail and the change will be empty

More to come…


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