Innovate 2007: Tim Stevens


Tim’s session was on the planning of their Sunday weekend gatherings. Here is his blog, here are the session notes:

1. Offer Continual On Ramps: Easy Places for People to Begin Coming
-There are Toll Roads and On Ramps: You get on Toll Roads and stay on for some time…you get on and off ramps
-Offer new series every four to six weeks
-New Series:
1. Help people invest and invite
2. Keep your core engaged
3. Give the arts team focus
-3 Elements of a Successful Series
1. Relevant Topic
2. Cultural Theme
3. Biblical Truth

2. Cultural Themes will Help You Speak the Language
-Use the Top 40 songs
-Hit Movies

3. Study the Culture
-Why does this movie, song, book, resonating with the culture at this time?
-Watch the VMA’s
-Watch movies
-Go to concerts
-Subscribe to magazines

4. A Big Idea Keeps Everybody on Track
-Read The Big Idea by Dave Ferguson

5. Don’t Feel Like You Have to Re-Invent the Wheel

6. Everything Doesn’t Have to Be Resolved
-Allow different element to lack resolution, while building toward the Bid Idea
-It is OK to leave people hanging…leaving them thinking or asking questions


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