Innovate 2007: Kem Meyer


I went to Kem’s Breakout on Communications. REALLY enjoyed it. Here is Kem’s blog, Here are the notes from her session:

Debunking Five Communication Myths
You have no control over how people respond to what I say or communicate

You Are In Control
-Everyone has a unique worldview
-Bad marketing tries to change someone’s worldview
-Good marketing identifies a worldview, and wraps a message around it
-Read: All Marketers Are Liars by Seth Godin
-People ignore you because
1. There is to many messages, and not enough time
2. They are satisfied with their worldview

Advertising Creates Interest and Reinforces the Brand
-Advertising may create awareness, but is does not create credibility
-Brands are built on an experience, and are not contradictory

The More Choices the Better
-More Elements=Dimished Individual Element Importance
-More Announcements=Less Retention
-When you remove options the only people who will complain are church people…the people you are trying to reach will be thankful
-Example: Yahoo Website vs. Google website

People Care What You Have to Say
-People don’t care what you have to say, but want relationships in which they are heard

It Worked Before, It Will Work Again
-Your audience is changing quicker than you are
-Stop budget for advertising and start budgeting to create experiences
-Mass Marketing rarely works
-Church Announcements: Announce ONLY what applies to 80% of the audience


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