Innovate 2007: Guy Kawasaki


This guy was worth the price of admission…great session. He spoke on the ten aspects of Innovation:

1. Make Meaning
-The root of all innovation
-Your product should not be uniquely for your profit, but for the betterment of the neighborhood/city/world

2. Make Mantra
-A Mission Statement is to long and forgetable
-A Mantra is two or three words that explain why you exist

3. Jump to the Next Curve
-Don’t just try to improve 10-15%, jump to a new curve of product, service, or innovation

4. Roll the DICEE
D-eep: Make a product that people don’t outgrow
I-ntelligent: Anticipate your customers needs
C-omplete: Offer a complete product (I.E. Lexus=car+service+support)
E-legance: I.E. IPod Nano (enough said)
E-motive: Create a product that causes an emotion (even if it negative…not everyone will like your product)

5. Don’t Worry, Be Crappy
-Silicon Valley’s Policy: Ship then Test
-Don’t wait for perfection to begin

6. Polarize People
-When you try to please everyone you will end up with mediocrity
-Some will hate your product, some will love your product…make sure someone cares about your product

7. Let a Hundred Flowers Blossom
-Sometimes your intended audience isn’t buying what you are selling, but an intended audience loves your product…Go with What is Working! Welcome Everybody!
-Two theories to increase interest:
1. Find people who aren’t interested, ask them why, and try to fix your product according to their response
2. Find people who are interested in your product, ask them why, then give them more reasons to be interested
**Choose the 2nd Option

8. Churn Baby, Burn
-Always be improving (Version 1.0…2.0…3.0)
-As you are trying to develop and audience people will try to put down your efforts. Ignore them
-When you develop an audience…listen to them

9. Niche Thyself
-Position yourself…
Wrong: Common product and common value (forces to compete on price)
Wrong: Unique Product and small value
Wrong: High Value, but Common Product
Right: Unique Product with High Value

10. Follow the 10/20/30 Rule
With any presentation using power point
*Use 10 Slides
*Finish in 20 minutes
*Use 30 point font

Bonus: Don’t Let the Bozos Grind You Down
Anyone attempting to be innovative will have critics (bozos) whose perspective will be far less than encouraging. Learn to listen to the right people, and ignore the bozos


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  1. very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

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