A Complaint Free Life?

I hate this idea…it is a great idea, even a biblical idea, but it convicts me of some bad habits:

Complaining is one of those habits we as Christ followers pass off, and tend to ignore as a fact of life. I personaly like to think that I am a realist, and just stating the obvious negatives of a given circumstance…

But in reality, how does complaining co-exist with the mandate of God to be thankful for everything? When you get down to it, if we really trust the soverienty of God…if we really trust His gracious plan in our lives…how can Christians be complainers?

A Kansas City area pastor recently began a complain free 21 day challenge. He understands that words are connecting to thoughts, thoughts are connected to actions, and all of the above are issues of our hearts.

Here is the link for his new book, as well as the link for the challenge. If you have the courage, spend some time evaluating your habit of complaining, spend some time praying, and then give it a shot.


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