God, What are You Doing?

These times, and this question are central to the Christian faith…
What are you going to do…
Who are you going to trust…
When God appears vague, indifferent, and uninvolved?
Alot of articles have been written, and alot of books have been published on the topic.

In my own life, I have recently had a close up view to some families going through these kind of seasons…

My involvement and observation has been oddly paralleled by what I’ve been teaching through at The Bridge.

We are making our way through the book of John, and just finished chapter 12, where God raises Lazarus from the dead. It is a great story of God’s power, and one of the most infamous miracles Jesus performed…but the story begins with the disciples, and the sisters of Lazarus being completely baffled, and having their theolgy tested by the action of Jesus. If you want to join our journey, click here.

(Title is “Christ’s Curtain Call: Part 1 and 2”)

Hope you are encouraged


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