There is no such this as non-denominational, and God doesn’t believe in denominations

Let me preface this with two statements…

1. If backed into a corner I would say I am a non denominational guy
2. There will not be denominations in heaven

Talk to anyone under the age of thirty and try to get them to tell you what denomination they are and see what happens.

They will do everything in their power to not be backed into what they feel like is the box you are trying to stuff them in.

My generation is anti-denominational. Its not that we don’t want to believe something. For some, they don’t even mind believing something absolutely, in fact, in many arenas we just accept the absolute nature. Gravity, the sky is blue, the Reds and the Begals defense are horrible, etc.

For some reason, when it comes to what people believe about God and their relationship to Him, they freak out about making absoltue assertions.

I think people are afraid of denominations because they sound absolute, and absolutes feel exclusive. Absolutes feel judgmental. Absolutes feel like we are putting people in boxes. Speaking in religious absolutes make us feel like “that guy”. You know, the one with the tie, who always votes Republican, and thinks its OK to use slurs toward people who aren’t like him.

Non-denominational isn’t a real theolgy. Its a style. An attempt to not be exclusive, but to be inclusive. An attempt to love unconditionally. An attempt to blow the box up. Because we don’t know what to call that in religion, so we just end up rejecting it all, conceeding to not talk about things that may sound denominational, or absolute on a doctrinal level.

Here’s the problem, in the Bible, God says all kinds of absolute things that sound, well, sound denominational. But God transends any category we try to put Him in. God doesn’t believe in denominations. Denominations won’t exist in heaven.

As christians, we must conceed that when you believe something, there will always be someone trying to stuff all of your theolgy in a nice tidy box. But that person isn’t God.

The reason I would say I am non- denominational is because I think God is one. Just not in the way we term it. I am not non demininational because I don’t believe things absolutely. I absolutely do. In fact, I have no doubt if I wrote my beliefs, you would have no problem connecting them to a denomination.

I simply want to be a Bible guy. (Yes I know there is a “Bible” denomination) It may be naive. I just want to drink deeply, wrestle intensely, and humbly believe absolutely every word God says.

Whatever denomination that is…count me in


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