Finding Out What it Means to Be a New Parent

My son Noah, is going to be four mounths old this Saturday. The boy is amazing.

First of all he is HUGE! He is in the 95th percentile in every category.

He is smiley. The kid smiles all the time. He looks like a Buddha idol.

He is sweet and easy going. Just like his dad…Stop laughing!

Being a new parent is great, especially with such a great baby. But there is one time of day that will test the sanctification of even the most seasoned parent…bedtime.

My wife came across this video on YouTube from a parent who wrote a song about bedtime to Pachelbel Canon in D. If you are a parent needing to be reminded of the joys of parenting, or just want to have a good laugh click here.

Also, another hilarious video from same artist here


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