You’ve Got to be Kidding Me: Part 2

Yesterday I posted about Elliot Yamin, the extremely white dude who sings like a smooth brotha, and let me say…


I had no idea the guy had an album, but it appears he also has ALOT of people who know about, and LIKE the album!

Thanks for the comments, but if I could make one small point…all the comments were from women. Each was very sweet, assuring me that I could hang on to my man card, but the fact was they were all women!

This is an important lesson guys…its all about the voice. While you are lifting, primpin, trying to look as smooth as you can for the ladies, just remember my man Elliot, a very white dude with alot of soul, and a great voice, who is apparently loved by alot of ladies

Again…BIG UPS!



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5 responses to “You’ve Got to be Kidding Me: Part 2

  1. Jan

    Hi, I love Elliott’s voice as for the looks who cares we all get older. He’s a genuine nice guy who is down to earth and that matters to a lady. Hope he has continued success and I’ll be a fan always. Sincerely, Jan

  2. Choua

    Don’t worry man. Elliott appeals to all sorts of people no matter what age, gender, race, etc… they are.

    Seeing it as all the previous comments were from women, this comment is coming from me, a male. And its not even about gender, but for me, I just appreciate great music and great talent. And that’s what I see in Elliott.

    I know my girlfriend always nags me about how I have this “man love” for Elliott. Haha. But its really not like that. I’ve been following Elliott’s career since he first stepped foot on AI. I just want to see this man succeed because he’s the real deal. No gimmicks or anything. He’s humble, kind, respectful, down to earth, and has an incredible voice that no one can deny.

    So don’t worry, you’re not the only male fan. There’s plenty out there. The majority are just women. You can hang on to your man card, you’ll be fine.

  3. Rick

    Hold on to your man card!! YES…Elliott (two TT’s please!) has a large female fanbase…but there are some guys out there!! Manly, virile, studly men who are secure enough in their manhood to admit being blown away by Elliott’s brand of blue eyed soul. What can I say…the guy moves me!! Carry on!!

  4. Ging

    haha…your blog is great !! and yes I am a female !! and yes I love Elliott Yamin ! If you can see and hear Elliott in Concert, please do so. Elliott has a voice that is even better “Live.” There were plenty of men who were drug to E’s Concert by women, who came away, True Elliott Fans !

  5. LauraM

    Here’s another Elliott Yamin fan coming out of the woodwork. LOL.

    Thank you for the kind remarks about Elliott. He is a very talented man and he is loved by people of all ages, races, genders, nations, etc. I’m very happy that you have discovered him.

    Check out his MySpace page. He has 4 songs up for fans to enjoy.

    His whole CD is great, IMHO. Hold on to your man card, the guys in my world are fond of Elliott too.

    I enjoyed reading more of your blog while here.


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