You’ve Got to be Kidding Me!

I may lose my man card for this…but I have to give a man his due. On my way back from the gym I heard a smooth song with a little R & B thing going on, and the dude singing had a killer voice…

I came home and looked it up on ITunes, expecting to see some smooth looking brother…but who do I see: Elliot Yamin from American Idol.

I had no idea this guy even had an album!

Let me just say, I do not get the American Idol thing. I know some of you get the shakes whenever you miss it, and thats cool…I just think it is lame. (hope we can still be friends)

Anyway, BIG UPS to Elliot…the extremely white man who sings like a smooth brotha!

Yea…I am definately losing my man card. My next music post will be about some death metal band in an attempt to get it back.



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4 responses to “You’ve Got to be Kidding Me!

  1. So glad you discovered the Funky White Boy I love his music! Thanks for posting such a nice article about Elliott.

  2. CathyEM

    I think you can hold on to your man card for now, LOL! Elliott just oozes soul out of every pore. IMO, he’s the real deal and not just some poser.

  3. shay

    Don’t worry about the man card thing, My guy loves Elliott too, glad you discovered the cd, a diamond that’s for sure

  4. PEtE

    Yup your opinion of him and your post is dead on. We have believed in him for over a year now. Your man card is safe, believe; “We Did”

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