Did I get hit by a truck?

Monday morning are rough for everyone…

But I have to say, if you are a pastor who has preached the day before, you get up feeling like you were in a bar the night before and someone talked about your mama, prompting you to…well you get the idea.

It is really an odd thing. It is difficult to explain the type of drain you feel after you have taught.

I came across this post at Biblical Preaching Blog that offered some great counsel about how to handle your Mondays. (By the way, great blog, make sure to put it in your reader)

Here it is:

Donald Sunukjian suggests that for men, preaching is the closest we ever come to giving birth (ladies reading this – you’re right, we have no idea!) He talks about this thing growing inside and then finally coming out in an intense delivery, followed the next day by the post-partum blues.

Maybe some preachers always feel refreshed and revitalized after preaching. Maybe some can’t wait to get stuck in to work the next day. But for those of us that are sometimes spent after preaching, what should we do with our Mondays?

Many pastors traditionally take Monday off, partially for this reason. Sunday is the busiest day, but also preaching is a uniquely draining experience. So that’s a place to start. Consider rest after the emotional and spiritual exertion of preaching. While rest may re-energize, there are times when it merely exacerbates the lack of motivation. So rest, but also be active. Physical activity, exercise, has a definite effect on our emotional, mental and spiritual reserves.

Consider reading things that are “just for me” on Mondays. Spiritually uplifting, devotional, relaxing, unrelated to present sermon series kind of reading (my wife would probably suggest reading a novel).

Be extra wary of activity with a raised level of temptation. Internet surfing, movie watching, time alone, travel, etc. All are risky, especially when internally depleted. Some of these may be unavoidable (travel), or even helpful (a safe movie), but always be wary. Sin crouches and often pounces when we’re extra vulnerable.

Select your company carefully. Some people energize and motivate, while others drain and discourage. Watch who you’re with on a day that starts with depleted reserves.

Mondays matter, so plan them carefully. Then on Tuesday? You’re pregnant again.

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One response to “Did I get hit by a truck?

  1. tapout

    Thank you my brother for sharing. You are funny but right on, hey you’re Mommy is so fat…

    Stay with the strong call.

    In His Embrace,


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