Big Idea Webinar

Partipated in the Big Idea webinar with Dave Ferguson and Community Christian Church this morning. I thought it was good. I have not read the book yet, but may pick it up after hearing this. Here are the highlights:

More information leads to less clarity and less action (example: voting and voters-with all the billions of dollars spent, and loads of information expressed, voting is at an all time low)

The Big Idea: Less information, greater clarity, and greater action (example: Jesus simply said “Follow me”)

The Goal of the Big Idea: A Community of Transformation, not Information

Big Idea comes to fruition through a series of meeting beginning at one year out, all the way to the week before (all chronicled in the book)

Bid Idea allows for the genius of “AND”… (“Good to Great” reference)
-Energy: less effort AND better stuff
-Innovation: new ideas AND almost always good ideas
-Curriculum: targeted AND reproducible
-Creativity: spontaneous AND planned
-Christ followers: more AND more mature

Three Stages to Becoming a Big Idea Church:
B-asic (establish what your Big Idea is)
I-ntegrated (use the Big Idea in each aspect of your ministry)
G-lobal (use one Big Idea every week, in each part of your ministry)

This is just the highlights…if you want more, grab the book here


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