This is Embarrassing!

This article is from USA Today, and chronicles the mass exodus of my generation from the church.

Ed Stetzer led a great, but sobering study showing an embarrassing reality for the church today…at a time when young people are discovering who they are, and who they want to be, they find what they are hearing in their universities, and on their job sites to be more fulfilling than the Jesus that has been presented to them

I HATE that these kinds of figure are true, and profound enough to get into USA Today! I HATE that a God who is so majestic, powerful, and worthy has not been clearly expressed!

These kinds of numbers might be able to be somewhat explained away by the secularization of our societies, and the days in which we live…but lets be honest, brutally honest, these kind of numbers can’t be comepletely explained away, and represent a deep failure for the church.

God forgive, help, and guide us!


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