Speaking of addictions…

During the first couple months of our son’s life my poor wife was so sleep deprived she developed a raging addiction to the new iced coffees from McDonalds.

She has started experimenting with all types of syrups from the grocery store to try and simulate the taste without the expense. She just keeps muttering about how its not like McDonalds

My wife is REALLY structured and disciplined, so it is funny to see her jonesing so bad for caffeine. I just thank God it is McDonalds, and not Starbucks. Welcome to my world sweetie.

By the way, my wife is an AMAZING mom. I love watching her with our son.

I really think I am starting to get old, because since my son has been born I talk alot about how fast time is going. He is going to be 14 weeks old this Saturday!

God has blessed Ash and I so much, Noah is amazing. I call him Buddha, dude is thick, strong as an ox, and always smiling. Can you say “starting middle linebacker for the Buckeyes”?



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4 responses to “Speaking of addictions…

  1. MU

    You are correct, your wife is AMAZING and a very good mommy. Noah is truely blessed to have parents like you two. Ash WILL perfect that recipe, as she is and has always been a very focused, detailed, driven young lady.
    I am sorry to say….that I cannot say linebacker for the Blahhhh Buckeyes….but I can say “starting middle linebacker for the IRISH!”

  2. Ashley

    What can I say… those coffee’s are great!!!

  3. Kim

    The best coke I ever had was at South Bend watching the Irish. Hopefully someday I can have another coke in South Bend watching Noah play for the Irish!

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