Confessions of an Addict

It started off well intentioned…

As I surveyed the men in my life who I most respected, I noticed a common theme…they were all readers.

At the time, I wasn’t. I didn’t like school. I liked sports and girls.

I truly wanted to be used of God, and felt like I needed to teach myself to become a learner. I needed to teach myself to love reading.

It started slow, and was hard work, but now, now I have serious and ridiculous addiction to books. I just checked out my wishlist on Amazon: I have 97 books on my wishlist. I think it may be reaching a point of absurdity.

In any case, here are some books I am jonesing for:

Mavericks at Work William Taylor
Planting and Growing Urban Churches Harvie Conn
Execution Larry Bossidy
The Devil Came on Horseback Brian Steidle
The Art of the Start Guy Kawasaki
Unchristian David Kinnaman, Gabe Lyons
Saving God’s Green Earth Tri Robinson
The Great Giveaway David Fitch
When Sinners Say I Do Dave Harvey


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