You Might Be Crazy If…and those must have been some nice dogs

Here’s some levity in the midst of an otherwise horrible story:

Michael Vick has been sued by an inmate in a South Carolina prison for stealing his pit bulls for the purpose of dogfighting, and then selling them on Ebay so he could make some money, and buy missiles from the Iranian government. Apparently Vick recently pledged allegience to Al Qaeda, and planned to hand them over to the organization after he sold the dogs and bought the missiles.

Lets be clear, I like dogs…I have a dog, so if someone stole my dog, for any purpose, I would not be happy. I can safely say I would not sue someone, but whatever. The best part of the story comes from the monetary figure requested in the hand written complaint…

DUDE ASKED FOR 63 BILLION DOLLARS! Billion…with a “B”; Dude also required that the sixty three billion be “backed by gold and silver”, and said “Michael Vick has to stop physically hurting my feelings and dashing my hopes.”

This cat is either a genius, captilizing on the recent America’s Most Hated Man status of Vick, and thought he would make a little cash, OR, well you know the other option.

Either way…AWESOME!


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